Friday, 30 April 2010

Average Renown Rank & Me

I hear different things about where the average renown rank of players is right now. I read that most people are already RR80 or that most people will be RR80 very soon, and even that most people will never reach RR80. So I had to find out for myself.

The Realm WAR page for Europe was recently restored to a place where it works so I could look up Destro that appeared in my combat logs.

Below is the RR distribution of 100 random Destro I have fought on Karak Norn. There will be some error from only taking 100 ppl, and some will be alts, but it gives a good indication of where it's at.

On Karak Norn most people are already RR60+, most people will soon be RR70+ and it looks like most people will get to RR80 one day (me included!)


  1. Hah! We're below average! High five!

    I'm dragging from rr55 to 56. Every time I comit myself to ORvR we seem to fail and SCs are bombsquad ridden. I'm guessing I will be sporting my first Warlord piece in 2 months or so.

  2. I use to keep a spreadsheet of RR of everyone in my guild, and update it every week. It was pretty interesting stuff.

  3. Sara, Right back at ya!

    Wasdstomp, I'm sure you'd find me doing the same

  4. You have to remember, in total renown the mid point between 0 and 80 is about half-way through RR69. The point being, getting back on average isn't so hard.

    Also, by only counting players in your combat logs, you'd be looking at a slightly biased sample towards the most active players.

    ~Readda (80 since January...)

  5. I never reached 80, quit playing at 79,51. I was one of those that kept on writing on the forums hoping for improvement and had my own blog, but nothing ever really happened, I was dissappointed patch after patch.. Sad about seeing that the game never really evolved. I've heard rumours about an expansion though, so if Mythic actually pulls something out, I'll resub again.