Monday, 12 April 2010

What's woot got to do with it?

Before my stint away from the game I had been to defend Altdorf four or five times. Theses visits were generally marred by slide-show lag and general confusion as to what to do. It wasn’t great but people were still getting used to it. Confrontation with actual real enemy players was avoided as people tried to find an empty instance. Even then we’d struggle to kill the PQ boss in time and never got to Stage 2. IC was the same.

On Friday I got to go back to the Inevitable City for the first time since my return. And my thoughts? Well the changes in 1.3.5 will be extremely welcome but I am glad to have had the chance to farm free Invader first!!

Most players have probably got all the Invader gear they need now but I am still in need of it – or I was until Friday anyway. In the 3 hours the “siege” lasted I got 3 Invader pieces and crests enough to buy a 4th.

The city siege involved one hour in Stage 1 where I didn’t do anything except stand on the stairs to the Apex and watch another warband try (and fail) to kill Adell. No bother though, Stage 1 was won and Stage 2 was up. My guild had enough folks about to take on the King (and win) but, alas, I didn’t have the wards so was left behind on my todd .

There were a hanadful of other Order left in the instance . We all just stood around taking and retaking BOs for 2 hours. 2 whole hours doing amost nothing. I made some comments to the other players there that this was “…a bit boring…” only to get the reply “no, this is great” “free loot” “wootwoot” “we love it, free loot!”.


At the time It really didn’t feel like fun at all. It wasn’t enjoyable. I wish I’d had a film to watch. It was a very good job I had beer!! But now, looking back, I don’t regret it and would do it over. I even let out a little “woot” myself when I got the Invader chest piece.

And this has left me musing over the whole “what’s fun?” question. What was it that made me readily do doing something boring in my own free time ? For me, it was the feeling that future game-time will now be that extra bit more enjoyable. I will feel more competitive in PvP, or at least not feel like I am lacking an edge due to dated gear. And I won’t have the niggling feeling of compulsion that I need to be getting the better gear.

I have always been against the gear-grind, believing (hoping!!) that skill was just as important and that the game could be enjoyed all the same whatever gear you had. But even on these merits, it’s got to be more enjoyable with better gear, no? I might even be tempted to try out some of that PvE lark. Well, maybe not.



  1. You think it's boring now. You should of been on Dark Crag before they nerfed it down to a few hours. Stage 2 used to last 18 hours.

    It was very boring. Once we cleared the Warlord PQ's in each instance which was usually about 3 we would have about 16 hours with no rvr, no scenarios, and absolute boredom.

  2. Yeah - if you get a instance with no destruction right now it's pretty damn dull, all the capping and releasing BOs is great for RPs but thankfully I'm past such things (on my SW anyway - and I can't really find the motivation to grind it all again on any of my alts).
    Best way to deal with the tedium I've found is to get people with questionable English to tell jokes over vent. Or beer, of course, like you suggested – there’s only one boss in the Eternal Citadel that requires sobriety to beat, and that’s easy enough too as long as you have enough tanks. Thankfully after the city locks now scenarios are available again, so you don’t need to sit in the city.