Tuesday, 20 March 2012

*Scenario This

Had a bit of time to play WAR last night. No one was grouped up or even talking in /guild (HELLo!) so I hit the scenario solo queue. Bad news. 4 Scs played, 3 camps against, one camp for. Sure, I should find a better group, yadda, yadda, yawn.

I don't think there is much left in WAR for someone looking for a casual hour or two of PvP. I played football last night so it was late when I logged in, I was only looking for a quick hour of play, but I don't think there is much left in WAR for me.

After the Scs I took to the RvR lakes looking for a group or to tag along on some action. No joy. Logged off.

The sourest taste in my mouth was that I basically achieved nothing in 90 mins. A handful of crests and a few thousand RP. MY renown was 79.48% when I logged in and 79.48% when I logged out. With limited playtime I am unable to hang around for zone locks and cities where big chunks of renown are to be had, and without my old guild's organised WB nights I am unable get into the large roaming battles which really get the blood flowing.

Here is my pledge - no more scenarios, just open RvR. If I wanted to play instanced PvP I would go play SWTOR and their Warzones, whose objective based setup I like better than WAR's inevitable deathmatch spawncamps. If I can't find some fun in WARS's open world RvR then it's time to finally admit the game is up.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Warhammer World

Trying to get into WAR these last few weeks, it's been a bit hard, couple main reasons...

  • Scenario Imbalance
  • Empty guild - few friends left

The scenario imbalance is bad, really bad - I swear 9 out of 10 scs end up in a spawn camp, and very quickly at that. Sometimes zero kills for both sids as one side sees who the opposition is and never leave camp. It in no way amounts to fun.

This would be solo-queue by the way, which leads my other point and some could argue reason for the first. My guild is empty, gone, dead, and I have few friends left. I have joined a new guild but grouping so far has been limited and it seems a bit cliquey.

I'm gonna need to stick at and make something of it myself I think, try and find some oRvR action, or call it quits for good. Whilst playing SWTOR was fun for a bit I have missed Warhammer a lot. Missed Altdorf, missed my horse, missed the Dessies, missed sieges and keeps. Missed the world. I've not had that much time to play yet so will give it another go.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ping Pong

I'm back playing Warhammer Online. Thank fuck for that. See you soon x