Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Move Along

March's Producer's Letter is out, although it's not called the Producer's Letter anymore but the March Community Update.

It's basically says nothing. They repeat what has been going on in the Dev discussions, and then some blah about Facebook.

One small ray of ...err... sunshine?.. is that patch 1.4.2 will be up on PTS soon - early April, which by my reckoning is no longer than a week away, then it's middle-April. This is really just a few small steps forward after the massive backward step that was 1.4.

I will say this though. If each of these Dev Discussion topics brings a well-considered change, even very simple ones, then it could add up to something alright in the end. Just takes so damn long though, doesn't it.


With the preparation of patch 1.4.2 in full swing, this month’s update is not the typical Producer’s letter. Instead it is brought to you by the WAR community team. This new monthly overview will summarize things that were going on in the past month and give you a heads up on things to look forward to. Our producers will present new features or major changes and give you and insight into the bigger picture in State of the Game updates. On the forums you have direct developer interaction at your disposal.

We’ve been using the Dev Discussion forum to give you insight into our current and future plans. It has been a busy month on the dev discussion boards with a wide range of topics. Thank you to all those who participated, your feedback is very helpful and we are looking forward to further discussions in the future.

Dev discussions from this month include:

General feedback: Campaigns

Hypothetical Discussion: Horde Scenario

Patch Feedback: Scenario Line-up

Patch Feedback: Keep Doors

General Feedback: Future Discussions

Feature Discussion: Physical Mitigation

Hypothetical Discussion: Scenario Rulesets

Thank you to those who have liked us in the past month. We are so close to the 5,000 like mark that we thought we would give you a little something extra for your support. In recognition of player efforts, and in acknowledgement of requests from players who have already purchased the RvR double pack, we are having a 1 week 25% off sale on server transfers. This will run from April 1st through April 7th. Check it out here.

Coming next month
In closing, we wanted to let you know we are working hard to push some changes to the power gap concerns based on the feedback and discussions we’ve been having on the forums. This should be hitting PTS early in April for testing. We also have some interesting changes to Grovod in the works as well as a surprise for the scenario lineup changes in the next patch. Finally, we’d like to encourage people to continue to talk about the game in the discussions as we will be opening up the topic of crafting soon and want to get as much input as possible for our plans.