Monday, 14 January 2019

First Taste of ROR Merged T4 - Running Away!

More action from Return of Reckoning / Warhammer Online! This is me running away from a failed keep siege in Chaos Wastes. I am only L16 and it was my first taste of the now merged Tier 4. In order to ensure a healthy population the merged T4 includes ranks 16-40 and covers the T2, T3 and T4 zones (only a few open at any time). I only joined late on and just as the keep siege fell apart and Order poured out to sweep up the mess, I was well out my depth to be honest. Still on my starter mule and in T1 gear! Lots of fun though.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Back Playing WAR / Return to Reckoning

Yes, it's true! I am back playing Warhammer Online over on the excellent "Return of Reckoning" private server.

Quick post to say hello with an old screenshot from ROR i had from last year.. I am still just in T1 at the moment though and getting a feel for things again, plus trying out come classes I never played much before.

The game has a full download client now, plus it's own launcher, so there's plenty of effort been put in over the last year or son to continually tweak and improve the game, plus more good stuff coming soon I hear Forts will get implemented in a couple of weeks. Join Us!