Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Meet Jumby

This post on the Tank section of the official forums made me smile, especially as it popped up in a thread discussing the merits of a Swordmaster.

I've copied a bit of the post here. Follow the link for the full post.

"...Meet Jumby. He is a RR70 Chosen and enters a scenario. He sees the front lines charging strong. Jumby thinks fast and unleashes the following combo: Blast Wave, Rending Blade, Challenge

Each member of the charging front line has just lost some health, but more importantly all of their wounds have been reduced by 111. The combination of Jumby's 45% crit and the AoE attacks has most likely crit every single member of the front lines too, and due to Crippling Strikes, their damage has been reduced by 25%. Jumby's Challenge also reduces damage by 30% so long as they don't attack Jumby. Jumby is so scary looking, they wouldn't dare. So, now the whole front lines are wounded and weak. I don't think they're a threat anymore! Go ahead Jumby, run on past them.

Jumby gets past the front lines into the backlines of RDPS and healers. How can Jumby stop them all!?!? I know, Quake! Now all of the backlines are staggered and are of no threat for several seconds! Further, if he crit any of those nasty Bright Wizards, they will wake up with 25% less damage due to Crippling Strikes. Good Jumby!

Ok, Jumby's not done yet. He still needs to kill someone. That Rune Priest looks tasty. First, let's use Dizzying Blow to slow him down and then Touch of Palsy to make it hurt if he tries to run away. Now, let's add a Seeping Wound for yummy DoT damage. Ok, so the Rune Priest can't get away and he's a little wounded. How on earth can Jumby kill this bugger though?..."

Read the Full Post here.

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