Wednesday, 7 April 2010

AFK & Go Bloggers!

I've been AFK a bit as my wife has been laid out by an infection for the best part of a week so I have been taking care of her and our son. She has no interest in WAR or even computer games but still reads this blog which is nice and kinda weird. Get well soon, honey!

The news that Werit, Gaarawar, Shadow-War and Mykiel are being flown to Mythic HQ to get a preview of the City changes has filled me with even more optimism than usual about the future of WAR. Mythic must be feeling confident about making a really significant change to the game. I can't wait to read what everyone has to say.

In-game I've just started some testing of different builds for my next WAR Stats post, although I doubt I'll have time to complete it this week now. I'll be comparing a high avoidance set-up (e.g. block, parry) versus a pure mitigation set-up (Toughness FTW!).

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  1. Hope everything gets better at home, and I eagerly await more number-filled posts from you!