Tuesday, 23 March 2010

WAR Stats: Damage Pie

I was messing about with the different armour sets I've got for my Swordmaster (Anni/Sent/Conq) and trying to figure out which Set Bonuses to plump for.

I could not look past the 3 Piece Bonus of +320 Spirit Resist on Annihiator and the 2 Piece Bonus of +344 Corporeal Resist without wondering exactly how much more defense this would give me over the other defensive stats, like +66 Toughness Bonus from Sentinel.

So I decided to parse my combat logs to see exactly how much whack I took from the 4 different damage types.

Here's the results.

This is total damage inflicted on me (a Tank) during 45 mins combat time before any mitigation or absorbs are taken into account.

How I did this
I used combat log parser and saved the file as text and imported that into excel. I then sorted the spreadsheet by ability name and created a pivot table to sum all damage from each ability. Then the tedious bit. I looked on WarDB at each ability and made a note of the damage type. Then added it all up. I'll be happy to provide better instructions to anyone who's interested.

My Conclusions
I was suprised to see how much damage came from magic compared to physical, thought it would've been more like 33%:66%. Also, just how little elemental damage I took. No need for +Elem on items then but definely need to keep the Spirit and Corp high.

There's a hell of a lot more useful information to come out of this and I'll be making some more posts in the coming days, things like the amount of Burst and Crit damage, the amount of damage from each archetype and my %mitigation.

Wait 'til you see the breakdown of damage per class and just how much Sorcs accounted for! Stay tuned for that one.



  1. Really ..really..interesting Chart.

    I think for Destruction the incoming Elemental damage will be higher than for your Swordmaster.

    Also I'm not sure how much the incoming damage varies with your Archetype. A tank fights most of the time other opponents than e.g. a healer. Nonetheless very interesting to see the damage-types listed.


  2. Thanks for the comment Zizlak, and yes, you are right. The main magic damage dished out by Destro is SPIRIT > CORP > ELEM.
    For Order it'll be ELEM > SPIRIT > CORP.

    I woud also be very interested to see how this chart differs for other classes. I would bet it's pretty much the same though. If someone could send me there combat log I could find out.

  3. This is really interesting, it's basically what I would expect, but I'm actually a little suprised there isn't more magical damage, but I supposed that is largely due to the fights you pick as a tank.

    I'll volunteer to give this a shot and let you know what my stats look like.

  4. Nice post, think I'll give it a go myself for mu choppa and shaman.

  5. I would very much like to see your pies!! Let me know if you need any help.

  6. Like Aeo said, you would probably reverse the Elemental/Spiritual damage if you were playing destro. I'm curious as to which server you play on, and would love to see some type of comparison between the amounts of physical damage across them. I know that the Gorfang destro are VERY melee heavy, with choppas,marauders,WEs, and melee DoKs.

  7. Shadow - I'm on Karak Norn (EU). See my other post with a similar chart against a melee group.