Friday, 12 March 2010

The Second Humming

I'm getting back in the game after 8 months out. I played from launch 'til June 2009 when I moved house and had no net for a couple of weeks. I was playing way too much though, it was killing me. My son was only 8 months old back then and the lack of sleep between him and the game was literally killing me.

I had thought I'd deleted the game and even threw away the disc but then I noticed the WAR.exe on my C drive and have had a growing itch to play the last two months that has just got to be scratched. I started reading some of the old WAR blogs and the newsletters and that was that. I'm back and can't wait to get going.

I'll try and recall what I remember of WAR back in June last year...

  • The Land of the Dead was released the day I moved so I had about 2 hours of running around it and doing not much. LotD was claimed by some to be the "Saviour of WAR". The community were very much looking forward to it. I wasn't. Me and PvE have yet to click. I was looking forward to the extra dimension it would add to RvR though. Order were the first to get on the airship on Karak Norn. I remember I was very pleased about that.
  • Fortress Battles and large scale Keeps were a nightmare. My residing memory of them is a screen filled to the rafters with toons, my PC lagging like a old man in a race. My main was a Swordmaster and being the dutiful tank that I was I would always lead the charge trying to break the line on the stairs - only to die in a hurry, not be rezzed, respawn, not get back in to the keep and miss out on any contribution. If I did get loot I would never make it back in time.
  • Scenarios were great fun. Probably my favourite type of fun.
  • I loved oRVR too of course. Getting together in a guild WB and claiming and protecting a keep. Destro on Norn were usually in the ascendency so a lot my guilds fighting was about defending keeps. I loved the anticipation of being on the walls and seeing the red names of Destro approaching. On special nights chat was full of calls to arms and organisation of different WBs in the area to flank the attackers and we'd rush out to complete the rout.
  • There hadn't yetbeen a King kill on Karak Norn, on either side. I think the first worldwide had been just a month or two earlier.

Inevitably a couple of negative points in there but overall it was top fun of course or I wouldn't be back. I look forward to seeing what's changed, I've heard there's been quite a bit.

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