Wednesday, 24 March 2010

WAR Stats: Damage Pie meets Premade

I was fortunate enough :p last night to PuG some scenarios and run into Destro premades on KaraK Norn and along with my fellow Order PuG-in-arms proceeded to get the mauling I deserve for going solo.

My damage pie from yesterday was based on what I would consider typical combat, verus all types of groups, and including scenarios won and lost, oRvR, skirmish, keep battles and "zergfare". I thought it would make an interesting excercise to compare this with the damage dished out by the premades.

This new damage pie (now with extra cherry!) is from 5 scenarios. Destro were very, very heavy melee and well backed up well by healers, with the odd caster or ranged. This was the distribution of classes across all 5 scenarios.

DoK 10, Chosen 10, Choppa 6, Shaman 6, Zealot 6, Witch Elf 6, Black Orc 5, Sorc 5, Squig Herder 4, Black Guard 4. Note: no Marauders or Magus!

Below left is a breakdown of damage type collected from the whupping I took in these 5 scenarios compared to the more general "overall" damage on the right that I posted yesterday.

Conclusions: There is more than one way to skin a Tank
It'll be stating the obvious to a lot of people but the type of damage received will vary depending on who you are up against. I knew this but I wasn't quite expecting it to be that different and ironically, since yesterday I had re-geared/specced slightly to have a better defense against caster and magic damage. My mistake!
The lesson I will learn is make sure I have different options available to me and make decisions based on who the opposition are. Having an armour pot handy against melee trains for example, some +disrupt rings against caster heavy groups.


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