Monday, 22 March 2010

The Balance Feels Good

Since my return to the game one week ago I've been playing a lot of Scenarios to re-hone my skills and make some ground up on my Renown Rank.

It seems to me there is a much better balance between all the classes now compared to 9 months ago, at least as far as I can tell in Scenarios.

Back "then" in a scenario the eventual winners could be decided very early in the game, often already 100 victory points up after 2 or 3 minutes and taking up residence outside the opposition's spawn camp to see out the game 500-14 or something.

But in the last week I've seen a few things in scenarios that I can't remember happening much, if at all, when I first played.

Fightbacks for starters. I joined in a Scenario the other day and Order were losing 25-300. Here we go, I thought. But Order fought back bigtime and the score finished something like 475-500.

Another time in Serpent's there was a battle around the wreckage that just lasted for ages, 10 minutes maybe. No-one was getting killed! At one point I even thought I might have been disconnected or in some massive lag spike.

And in general fights and skirmishes seem to last longer. It's really to the benefit of the game that encounters are slower paced.

I imagine the emblems are a big part of this. Players won't leave at the first sign of a mauling. Winning the scenario, rather than just racking up kills, has actually become desirable.

I wonder if this was an intentional move by Mythic, or if scenario weapons were just introduced as another carrot to keep people grinding away. I would like to think both.


  1. When the changes to the scenario structure were made, Mythic stated they chose the scenarios to keep based on metrics that included the scores ending fairly close. Thus, the maps we now see are very viable for coming from behind or keeping the scores close if the fight is decent at all. Works out well imo.

  2. Thanks for the info there Gaarawaar. Good move by Mythic.

  3. Riekland Factory is one that can still end in about 2 minutes because the speed the points accumulate. Not sure why they brought that one back, it never seemed that popular.

    The one capture point scenarios (Isha’s, Caledor Woods) can be dominated by a half-decent premade pretty easily.