Friday, 19 March 2010

A Tier 4.1 Idea

Bootae over at Bootae's Bloody Blog talks about the lack of a next step for end-game players and this got me thinking about an idea I've had for WAR since I started playing way back.

I had not played any other MMO before WAR but was especially keen to play this one
as I'm a long time fan of the warhammer table top game. So playing WAR I've always hoped that elements of the tabletop would make it into the game.

In table top each player has an army composed of different units used for different functions: large groups of ranked troups, skirmishers, artillery. They are placed on opposite sides of the table and the players take turns to move and attack.

So this is my idea to roughly represent that.

Organised Groups and Dueller
I haven't given much thought to the trigger for "The Event" yet but at some point in the game a notice goes out to all high level players that the event is starting in 15 minutes or so. This is time for people to group up. Folks can band together in a 6 man group or warbands, or can opt to remain solo.

After the 15 minutes is up leaders of warbands are invited to join the instance. If a warband isn't full the WB leader is asked if they wish to accept extra players (PuGs). Leaders of 6 man groups are invited in the same way.

All the solo players are asked if they want to join a WB or go in to a Duel. The system should try to assign the solo players as evenly as it can (ie DPS/Tank/Healer).

As a result of this there will be:
A) Premade Warbands
B) PuG Warbands
C) Premade 6 man groups
D) Duellers

Like for Like Match-Up
Next all players involved in a WB or groups get ported to a brand new instanced map. All the solo players who opted to duel go to another brand new place.

The groups would be matched up with their equivalent enemy on the map, premade vs premade, PuG v Pug, 6 v6. Each woud be given a pop-up message to claim a certain objective. I would probaly say two warbands and two 6 mans groups per side in each instance of the event.

The Thing
Here's the thing. To balance the encounter and to keep the WAR immersion the warbands and groups could see each other but only be allowed to damage and be damaged by the opposite group, i.e. the PuG warbands would only fight each other, the 6 man would fight the 6 man. Each different group would be fighting over a different objective that would have some interaction with others in the event. The 6-man party could perhaps fight over an objective giving control of a war machine to lob rocks at an enemy warband in batte with their allies.

Vitory Points would be scored for holding an objective over time, killing players, the usual. The Event would end after 30 mins and launch into another new map where the warband and groups who won their single objective are placed against the winners from other instances, and likewise, losers against losers.

At the end VPs are added up and the shinies are dished out. The most victorious warbands and groups, those contributing most to their sides win, could be hailed as champions and given extra shinies. Successful guild groups could be given special standards to show off.

But what about the Duellers?
Ah, yes. All duellers are randomly matched up in 1v1 instance placed in a creatively designed map and duke it out with their opponent. When the duel is over the players are placed into another randomly assigned 1v1 instance, and so on 'til the time is up. At the end of the event VPs are totted up and added to the overall pot and the most successful players are given their kudos.

People may think duelling is against the spirit of WAR but at RR80 players should be given the platform to do whatever the hell they want.

Well, I guess I'll reign myself in now, my mind doth wander off. Happy Days.

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  1. Hey there, fellow person and welcome back into the fold.

    Hmmm, I dunno. Mostly it sounds like a big version of a SC with a lot of unattackable targets. But the prospect of new shinies is always tempting. If I had ever played DAoC I'd comment on how they could implement something like battlegrounds, but I never did so I won't. And we're still waiting on the forts to be revamped.

    "People may think duelling is against the spirit of WAR"
    WHAAA?? The spirit of WAR is bash stuff, rinse, bash again. Is there anything more satisfying than finishing someone off all by yourself? I wouldn't know cuz I just heal, never had the cojones to go duel out there in the green pastures of Eataine.