Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ahh, the memories...

I am going to celebrate my 10th post by recalling some of my memories from the early days in WAR as I took my wide-eyed MMO-noob self on a journey into the unknown.

Khaine's Embrace
In the very early days you could only join one scenario, the one for your pairing. For me in HE vs DE this was Khaine's Embrace. I loved it, good job too seen as I had to play it over and over. I was already in T2 when scenarios across all pairings were opened.

In my first ever scenario this is how much of a noob I was. I hadn't seen much of other players yet, so at the start of my first scenario, with all the other HE players runnning about in their freshly laundered white dresses I asked in /sc "are you all real people?". No reply. I mused to my wife "hmmm, I think these are all just controlled by the computer".
I hope to see Khaine's Embrace in a Weekend Warfront one day. It hasn't been canned has it?

Questing through the Tiers
I actually felt a sense of immersion in the early days. I would look interestingly at the maps wondering what lay ahead. With each new quest I felt I was on a mission of importance to the war story that was unfolding. I particulary remember first entering T3 and being struck by the chaos of an Orc invasion on the beaches of Chrace. That immersion has gone now. Well, maybe not completely, but there's no way you'd find me questing and getting involved in the story these days. Still, I enjoyed it whilst it lasted.

Joining my first Guild (Serenity)
I bumped into some folk at a PQ around level 15 and got invited to a guild called Serenity. This was on Karak Ungor (EU). There were only a few of us and the server was pretty dead until we merged with Norn. Still, we had some good times and it enhanced my enjoyment of the game. The founder of the guild (Shiro) left a while after due to illness so we all got together to take some pics and give him a good farewell. In a way I have never left this guild. Serenity merged with Ironclad Regiment, who in turn merged with Executed where I reside today.

Epic RvR & 'Call to War'
In the days when neither side on Karak Norn had made it to a City a White Lion called Malril set up a website called War-Orders which was used as a forum for Order guilds to meet and plan events and strategies. Some of the discussions back and forward on the site were worth the money alone but every now and again a massive event was planned called 'Call to War'. Guilds would muster their troops and we'd gather up mounted at the warcamps. I used to do a bit of guild fiction on Serenity's forum to set the scene a little. We'd literally feel like we were riding out to War. This kind of RvR is a regular occurance these days, which is great of course, but experiencing it for the first time is still a great memory for me.


  1. Good question on Khaine's Embrace, I was very fond of that one too. I don't remember it on the proposed list of revolving scenarios, but hopefully it's on there.

    Shattered Beach was one of my favourite PQs too, although I think you'll find Chrace is T1 Elf's second zone, not T3. It's just on a more epic scale than what you have seen up to that point. I'm kind of sad all new players start in Empire now, because there is some ncie stuff in the other zones.

    ~Readda, KN.

  2. Hey Readda, you're right, Shattered Beach was in T1! It certainly did step up the epic from the first zone.