Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My WAR re-education starts here

I've had 3 or so hours game time since my return to WAR following an 8 month absence. I first had to fix a load of UI errors leftover from numerous outdated Addons, then redo all my action bars and key bindings (the state I left them in!). With this all straightened up I hit the queue button....

Scenarios: They feel pretty much the just the same. I noticed a lot less CC than before. I was hardly ever CC'd myself and I can't remember my own AoE knockback working once. A good change overall I'd say. The pop-rate was great too, and with being able to join the queue from Altdorf I was able to play scenarios non-stop the whole time.

oRvR: Well to be fair I've not done any RvR yet but 3 of the 4 times I logged in their was a City siege going on. What was great though was that the campaign resets so the City isn't the only option to players. Again a very simple and very good change. In the past I hated it when going to get my ungeared ass owned in Altdorf was my only choice, besides farming Elvish Parsley of course.

Swordmaster: Well, the vibe I'm getting about my only really progressed character (RR41) is not good. The forums are doom and gloom and it seems there have been several combat mechanic changes to the game in general that have added up to incremental nerfs to the class. 8 months ago I wouldn't have said I was a great influence on fights but an influence none the less. Now? Well, I felt as I may as not be there but it's early days yet and I'm very rusty.

Currency & Items: There are a lot of new currencies in the game that I need to learn about, and a lot of new items too, like LotD talismans and pocket items that I've been reading about which are all new to me. I'm going to have to figure out what's what, how to get what, and what it takes to get what I want.

Gear: I always struggled to keep up with the gear race but now I must be miles behind. I think I'm in 4 Anni/2 Sent at the mo, with some Conq. stuff in the bank. I'm not sure what's the best way to proceed from here. I need to work out how much more effective getting to the next level of gear would make me in combat. I have no ambitions to reach the pinnacle of uberness but I don't want to be a gimp

So overall...? Boy, am I glad to be back!!!


  1. As far as gear goes, I wouldn't stress too much about it. Invader crests are easy to get from a city siege if you can find an empty one and stomach being bored for an hour. Plus you may win a gold bag with a piece in it.

    The LotD talismans are a big part of gameplay now, which I'm a bit sad about. There are two big bubbles you can get, one for magic, the other for melee, and they can only be obtained via PvE. That is probably my biggest complaint in the game. Moreso than balance, bugs, or content. Thankfully, it's only two items.

  2. Welcome back to the War! We always need more High-Elves on Norn, especially SMs (you'll guard me, right? :) ), and it's always good to hear about people comming back to the game.

    Regarding CC, I wouldn't say there was less, as such, although most DPS either loss or had there CC reduced in effectivness. The big change is the addition of staggers (esp KotBS and Chosen). These last a lot longer than other disables, but break on damage, no big deal against PUGs when the AoE is flying, but can be a death sentance agaisnt a good assist train.

    Readda of the Brokenlands RR80 SW of Karak Norn.

  3. Thanks for my first comments!

    @shadowar What are the LotD talismans you mentioned called? I'm loathe to have to PvE to stay in touch but if they make me all-powerful... hey, you know.

    @ReadingFiction I'll look out for you on Norn! Guard is assured :) I was confused as to what Stagger was at first but think I get it now. I'm thinkng it would be nice as a Tank to have an ability that could free one group member from Stagger.