Tuesday, 13 April 2010


This post is up from Andy Mythic on the official forums about the planned City changes and there is a tonne of extra juicy in the form of Q&A appearing from the blogger champions. Shadow-War and Mykiel have City RvR specific posts up.

It does sound like it's going to be a fun ride. The 3 different stages sound varied and interesting. 2 hours maximum is good. Rewards win or lose is good. Only relying on your own instance for the result is good. And the super-buffed player-champions idea is super-buffed-good. I look forward to seeing this in action. I hope the players are visibly buffed - supersized I mean. Imagine a 20ft Black Orc stomping on loads of stunties!

Being issued your instructions by the Realm Leader (Karl Franz or Tchar'zanek) and getting to see these guys be called in for special moves will add some grandness to the whole affair.

My biggest stumbling block with the news so far is this, from Mythic's thread...

"Players will be forcibly placed within a Warband upon entering a City instance equipped with an instance-specific chat channel. Manipulation of looting rules will be disabled"

Reading Mykiel's Q&A about this, it sounds to me that Mythic don't want organised Warbands grouping up and queueing for instances together. It sounds like each single person queues on their own and is randomly assigned to a warband.

This sucks. I am really going to want to play this part of the game with my guildies. Not just for the organised/competitive edge that comes with that but because these are the people I know in game and enjoy playing with.

And I can imagine a whole load of chaos deciding who the warband-leader is going to be. There will be heat! Communication is a big slice of success in WAR.

I'm sure Mythic have thought about this but it's gonna pose problems and I'm sure high-end players/guilds are going to like it even less.

They could at least think about letting single groups join.

EDIT: From Werit's post it seems single groups may in fact remain together. Smiles.

Overall though, it looks rosey and I can't wait.


  1. From what I read at Werit's it seems to me that the queueing will work like if you tried to put a full warband in a scenario. It is likely that parties will get to be together, less likely for all of them to end up together.

    Although I understand how this is disappointing to highly organised guilds, even though you might end up in different instances it sure does sound like you'll be having more fun in there, with our without the rest of your warband.

    And players in smaller guilds, like me, have a chance to contribute to the success of an instance without hoplessly trying to lead a pug-ridden warband with little english skills.

    But, as with everything, that's what the PTS is for, right? I guess, we'll wait and see.

  2. I have seen Werit's post now too, and yes, it does appear that single groups can join together. I think this will be about right. There'd be nothing worse than coming up against a full premade Warband for 2 hours.

  3. Getting into a city instance is not going to function differently in any way than it does now.

  4. How it works now is that if you are in a warband prior to ANYONE to entering the city, it will place the warband in an instance that will fit all current members. No one going in early will become even more important.