Thursday, 24 February 2011

Throwing Axes are OP

Well, I have been thinking all day about what my KB:Death ratio data really means and what I can conclude from it all when I saw this...

A Marauder on the PTS in Defensive Warpforged killing a Shadow Warrior in Offensive Warpforged .. at range with Throwing Axes.

I wonder how much just these Defensive Procs are contributing to whole imbalance thing. Oh Boy.


  1. /facepalm

    I almost felt bad after ripping into Mythic with my patch note interpretation. Then things like this happen and I realize, I might be closer to the truth than I want to be. =|

  2. Haha, pure comedy gold, thanks for brightening up my day.

    Mythic have no clue what-so-ever. And they think the community is the one clueless, since the players have been shouting how OP the defensive bonuses are since the first MDPS started abusing them.

    Poor game.

  3. Yeah denfensive armour for MDPS has really made mdps into high output tanks. And the heal procs are a huge problem. Just find a lowbie to heal on and you'll be at full health in no time. Oh and stick close to your guard and you won't die.

    Warhammer has really turned into meleehammer online again. However I noticed that problem when 1.4 was released. Not to say ranged are out, it is just hard to hold your position with ranged anymore.

  4. Since the proc is unmitigatable and undefendable you don't need a squishy to heal off. And that's the crux of the problem, a defensive set that offers unmitigatable offensive capability unmatched by anything out there, except morale abilities.