Friday, 4 February 2011

The Colour of Renown

Boy, Keep Sieges are a mood killer aren't they. I really enjoy warband nights but a couple of times recently we've ended up at the keep. Fun out in the lakes skirmishing, pushing back and forward, la la la, real PvP, ends up with the big clusterfudge that is a keep siege. We try to make the most of it.

I blame the renown. "Big Tick Incoming". Folks can't resist. It's like a warband galloping purposefully through the lakes, a force to be reckoned with, only to spot an AFK Shaman taking a dump in the bushes. Purple Lust just takes over. I can feel the tension, people glancing about, straining at the bit. Do we kill him? Shall we kill him? One person goes for the kill and the frenzy takes over. The warband falls over itself to kill the poor little git. Bmoo-ooo, bmoo-ooo (that's the sound of everyone mounting up again).

Of course, a firm "ignore the Shammie" from the WB leader would keep everyone on track and rewarded with a fuzzy little feeling inside that we are a pro unit after all. (Note: This is a fictional example, I would never go near a gobbo with it's pants down!)

It's the same with a Zone Lock or a Keep tick. You can't blame folks for wanting a nice chunk of renown, I mean everyone else is going to get it aren't they?

You could be fighting in KV, perhaps quite literally against the odds, maybe not quite earning the renown you deserve, when someone says "praag is locking". Glances. Shall we go? People are already starting to scroll, then cancelling it, then scrolling. Are we going? Don't get left behind!!!

I feel it's detrimental to the game for everyone to chase Zone Locks.

  • Why not just reward all players in all RVR zones whenever a zone falls? So Praag locks, everyone in Dwarf and Elf gets the tick for it too.
  • Why not base the size of renown tick you earn directly on how many players you & your group has killed? You have playing RvR for 3 hours, you've contributed to 300 kills. A zone lock somewhere, you get a nice, healthy tick for it worthy of the contribution you've made to RvR as a whole.

Keeps could still be important for the zone lock... but that's another post.


  1. The kill counter would never work. It would be so one sided to the higher level players and warbands as to be obscene.

    If you let other people get a free ride in the other zones, then you'll have people who really aren't contributing anything to making the game move forward. Why would anyone even bother to go and slog out a zone, when they can bugger off to another one for an easier ride.

    It would be an easy target for abuse, that we all know would happen.

  2. The kill counter could be scaled in the same way as renown is now, i.e. this player has been killed recently and is worth less, and high RR players wouldn't get much from low RR kills.

    People already get a free ride from zone locks. Totally free. Basing or increasing the lock tick on kills at least rewards people for participating. And as you'd only receive your "kill count reward" on a lock it would encourage all players to be locking zones in order to get their reward. I can see there is still room for abuse though.

    I understand your points and I know nothing is perfect but I honestly think it'd be better than it is now. Two great things about WAR are killing people and earning renown. I would tie the two together as much as possible.