Thursday, 3 March 2011

1.4.1 was Kind to Me

1.4.1 has been very kind to me.

I am on the cusp of RR70 so have practically dropped straight into full lolSov. There was a big RR gap between old Invader and Warlord (from 55 to 70) and Warlord for Swordmaster's is crap anyway. +5% Block and +5% Disrupt set bonuses on Warlord are very low value when compared to +72 Tough and +72 Wound on Invader (go compare their RA cost). Why Knight's and IB's get +78 Wounds and +5% Melee Crit on their Warlord and SM got Block & Disrupt I'll never know.

Anyway, I had been faced with skipping most of Warlord and remaining in 4 Inv all the way up to swapping in for real Sov. Being able to skip Warlord completely has made me very happy.

I am also pleased that the increased Renown Gain now carries on post 80. I had been worried that I would hit a brick wall at 80/81.

When I resubbed in December I was RR53 and most of the guild I joined were 81 or 82. Now I am 69 whilst they are 84-87ish. I was 30 RR behind, now I am 15. I could see myself getting to 80 though just as they were getting to 90 and then never really catching up until they all got at 100. I am confident now that I can gradually keep on closing the gap.

There are many other things I like about this patch (loading times) and of course I recognise that real issues remain for a lot of players but, being selfish, 1.4.1 has been great for me. I am optimistic too about the Producer's Letter and will post my thoughts about that soon.


  1. I had a blinding night in a scenario last night with double RP .... 20K .... OMG .... OMG. I nearly wet myself.

    TBH I had lucked into a really good group. But you know when the numbers are flooding in and you just know it's going to be good.

    Need to go and sit down again, I'm that excited.

  2. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the Producer's Letter. Quite honestly, I just skimmed through it and picked up the usual "there's someting good coming in the feature but we can't really say much about it" carrot.

    And I got cold shivers down my spine when I heard about even more vanity pets. I just don't like the idea considering the gloomy and desperate atmosphere the game tries (and mostly succeeds) in conveying.