Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dev says Nerf

In case you have not seen this already Steve Engle in his 'Physical Mitigation' thread on the offiicial forums has touched upon some planned changes to the 1.4 gear.

"Currently, the plan is to reduce your effective rank gain from one every renown rank gained to one every four renown ranks gained.

Note: This means the stat soft cap goes from 1550 at RR100 to 1175 at RR100.

Doomflayer sets will have ~ 233 less stats total on them in comparison to the current LIVE Doomflayer sets.

Warpforged sets will have ~365 less stats total on them in comparison to the current LIVE Warpforged sets.

Both sets are adjusted based on the Effective Rank they are intended for, which is now ~42.5 and 45."

He later added...

"SC weapons, any non-set Verminous Horde drops, and RVR purchased accessories will all receive attention as well."

I have put his quotes in italic to make it look like I am quoting from Joyce and not the Bioware Social Network.

1 comment:

  1. The problem remains..

    people gain ranks after RR80..without the others getting bolstered like in T1-T3..this is utterly..nonsense. (Can I get a reward/cookie for not cursing? ;))

    If this isn't changed..the whole gear-balance thing is secondary. This game derailed into a bigger, better, farther gear-grind... it's not about War for some time now.