Monday, 21 June 2010

Swordmaster Scenario Weapons

Here are the scenario weapons for the Swordmaster from Rank 40 onwards. I've found it good to know what I'm aiming for :) Click to see larger images. I owe a debt to Gaar.

The Titan Blades are the offensive choice, Sentry defensive. I'm currently gunning for the Invader Defensive 2H. Weapon DPS contributes a lot to some key SM abilities (like Ether Dance) and Strength less so.

What weapon are you using to drive the foul taint of Chaos from the shores of Ulthuan?


  1. I'm still hoping for one of the swords from the City stage 2/3 with an armour debuff proc, I could never get them to drop when killing the king in the old style, and I seem to only ever win gold bags in the new city (which must be most frustrating to those that still need Warlord/Sovereign armour).

    Running with the rr75 sniper’s longbow with the invader level sniper’s falcata, if a city weapon doesn’t drop that sword will be swapped out as soon as I can motivate myself to grind scenarios again (I finished up the royals for my bow by spending a free Saturday gorging on them. I’d estimate I did at least 60). I sometimes switch to a soul-talisman sword and used to use a vessel bow as well, but the higher weapon-dps and crit is hard to compensate for with souls.

    The Colossus bow would be the only alternative I might go for in place of the Reckoning weapon, but the one time I won a gold bag I agreed to master-loot it (and got a free roll on the Tyrant chest the next run, so I can’t really complain).

  2. Use the RR45 def-sword