Wednesday, 9 June 2010

1.3.5 gave me Altitis

I had never played on an alt before patch 1.3.5 came out but I hate the new City siege mechanic so much that I can't play my Rank 40 anymore....

...just kidding. Ho-ho. You can stop laughing........Now.

No, I just found myself always logging in just the City was entering safe mode and I thought what the hell, let's dick about in T1 for a bit.

I always wondered what healing would be like so I rolled an Archmage first. And I really, really enjoyed it. I've also tried a Shadow Warrior, Witch Hunter, White Lion, Knight and Rune Priest. Oh, and a Slayer. I gotta say, I'm having a lot of fun with each one.

Tier 1 is really active and one thing I know is a big draw for me is the rapid progression with new abilities and gear flowing like a river in spring.

It reminds of when I first started playing really. Everything's new and I'm learning.

But I am also enjoying a different play style having played a Tank exclusively for 12+ months. One thing that has made me laugh is that I find myself instinctively trying to play like a tank. On my SW I would try and intercept Witch Elves that were making a run for our back line. This didn't turn out too well.

Here are my alts:
Partridge L9 - Archmage
Cahill L7 Shadow - Warrior
Steinson L6 - Slayer
Stockport L6 - Witch Hunter
Tractor L6 - Knight
Groggi L6 - Rune Priest
Cincinnatti L6 - White Lion

As you can see L6 is a bit of sticking point. I think that's as far as I get in one evening without getting too drunk and falling asleep.

The Archmage is the one I think I'm going to keep going with. I like healing and it has been immensely satisfying to be top of the charts for once. I know scenario scores can be misleading but outhealing L11 toons when I was just L6 was great.


  1. Whenever I play my Tier 2 Shaman, I always reach for my stealth until I realize it's not there!

  2. My main is an Archmage and they are an excellent career. I think I had the most fun in T2, though they are great at any level.

    It might be a little rough when you first get into T4 as they are very squishy... but by RR55, you have all options available to you, and can go pure DPS, Life Tap/Hybrid, or pure Healing and do very well at each.

    Goodluck! I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures in healing, and being a damn dirty DPS healer ;)

    Cheers, TzuDevil!

  3. An Archmage that heals. No way! Screenshot or it isn't true.

  4. I like my AM (heal spec too!), it's getting quite a lot of play on warband nights at the moment, I find my shadow warrior a much more effective class for scenarios and PvE than I do for open-RvR.

    Want to hit Hunter's Vale sometime? I've got a few alts kicking round in T1 too, and I can probably pull in guildies with simmilar level alts to fill other necesssary spots.