Friday, 4 June 2010

May's Letter - Wot no RvR?

I was dissappointed when I read the latest letter. Half of it was about something they aren't going to do. A lot of the rest of it was about something they were going to do months ago. So nothing of the RvR changes that has been eluded to in articles like the Massively interview with Carrie.

I did like the talk of changes to the RP & Zealot. This means they still have time to spend on class mechanics so everyone's gripes about their own class (and mine about the SM ;)) could well be on the agenda one day.

Back to the RvR though, I think Carrie is being deliberately protective of anything they've got going on with RvR, and I think any changes might still be so much in their infancy that they wouldn't dare mention anything about them right now.

In fact, I think they're totally in the concept stage for RvR changes. If you read the Massively interview Carrie repeatedly says that all ideas are on the table and that no idea is being ruled out.

"There's nothing off the table"
"Anything's on the table"

Carrie Gouskos, May 12th

If they haven't yet decided which RvR changes they want to make then it's no suprise that there's no mention of this in the letter.

I am confident that RvR changes are incoming and there may well be some hints in the June or July Producer's Letter if they can get some of their ideas/concepts fleshed out a bit and feel confident enough about meeting a release date.

"we do have some really awesome stuff coming -- and 1.4 is a patch that I'm very excited about."
Carrie Gouskos, May 12th

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  1. I also would have liked to hear more about the RvR changes....

    That said, I like the way CG does things. Close to the vest.... also she floated out something that may be controversial in the RP/Zealot changes to get a feel for what the community thinks, and the armour changes to get some excitement going.

    The one thing I remember hating about the old producers letters were that they often contained absolutely no new info at all, and were a just a rehash of what has been done... CG is good at this balance of info and no info thing..

    I mean, I can't wait for the next letter! Isn't that how it is supposed to be? :)

    All in all a very solid letter.

    Cheers, TzuDevil.