Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hail to the Chief

I take my hat off to Warband leaders everywhere. They double the fun in this game for me.

My favourite moments in WAR are when the RvR gets epic and I'm with my guild, on vent, following the orders of my warband leader. There doesn't even have to be a lot of combat (there needs to be some) but just strategically maneuvering around the lakes and coordinating with other warbands. It's great when a rally call comes up from an objective under siege and our warband responds to make a flanking attack on Destro, just managing to re-claim back the BO.

And for all this I thank warband leaders for being there to organise and take responsibility. I won't be overly mushy in my thanks as I reckon the guys and gals that step up must take their own enjoyment from it but I still say grats, and my cap is doffed in particular to the warband leaders who I have served with recently - Shadowfist, Wonan and Gripnir.

I have been enjoying the developments in RvR tactics and strategies too. On my server (Karak Norn) there have been significant improvements in tactics and co-operation in the last 12 months.

I have a unique(ish) perception having stopped playing WAR in June 2009 and only coming back to it a few months ago. Before my break there was still a battle for leadership on Order between individuals, and a battle for supremacy between guilds - it was very unproductive. Now a hierarchy has established, with guilds and warbands working together quite readily and without conflict.

There are a couple of new terms and tactics too. First there's The Blob, when a warband group up very tightly on one spot so they look like a blob on the map. This was not the case when I last played. It's about focusing all the AoE on one spot.

And then there's the Funnel. I was used to the Tank Wall before but this is Tank Wall Mark II. The Tanks line up in two groups opposite from each other to form a funnel into which enemy players are, err.. funnelled. They then get AoE'd to death, all clustered up a tight space.

The RvR campaign in WAR needs to become more strategic to improve and I hope this is what Mythic are considering when they think about RvR changes. I am well into Bootae's ideas snagged from Dark Age of Camelot. Anything to increase the amount of options for cunning strategy and dispersing combat over larger areas.

If I have one major complaint about RvR (even at it's best) it's that it's dominated by numbers and AoE. Look at my two examples above of the Blob and the Funnel - both AoE. If Mythic could find a way to make both small and large scale combat relevant to the campaign then I would be like one of those endangered Chinese bears on it's birthday.


  1. I don't know but I've been told (by someone who heard it say in region chat so take it with a bucket of salt) that bombsquads aren't too popular in the US just here in EU. So, nerfing down the bombers would make them potatoes in US.

    I have actually been looking around the interwebs for confirmation on this but have found nothing here nor there. Is bombing really a EU only problem? I highly doubt it but it would explain them not taking it down a notch.

  2. OMG I know. I saw the exact same thing today in a post about Swordmasters being useless on Karak Norn because versus a bombsquad the Knight is so much better. And, and, and - they said as in US they don't bomb (ironic) so Swordmasters are more useful there and therefore won't get a buff from the U.S. of Mythic. This post also said that there is going to be a US/EU PTS event and EU will bomb the hell out of the US and make tears.

  3. Aw man, that'll be awesome. I can just imagine the OP US players going "WTF just rolled over me?!"

    I just hope they don't learn how to bomb. Bombing is sad. Let them at least be happy.

  4. I also heard that bombing is only popular in the EU. In small scale fights bombing is manageable..With some coordination you can easily take bombs out.
    The problem starts when you have more than 3 bombs or even warbands of bombs. Then the damage-output gets ridiculous and you can only counter it with own bombing groups. That's one of the reasons why I don't do that much ORvR these days..too much bombs running around (on both realms) ;)