Sunday, 23 May 2010

City Tastes Good

I got my first taste of the City over the weekend. When I logged in on Friday I was disappointed to find I'd just missed an invasion of Inevitable City and the rest of the guild were in there and just downing the King. But on Saturday I logged in with Destro about 20 minutes off getting to Altdorf.

We got a about 3/4 Guild WB up and went in. It was a pretty epic feeling to be honest.

The experience was great, I can see a lot of potential for strategy and great fights. We lost this one though, got pretty much whitewashed, losing all 6 BOs. I met Bootae in there which was good for me as it's the first time I've met a fellow blogger in-game. I managed to insult him a little, called him a Gobbo, didn't seem to put him off much :p

We didn't really know what we were doing, didn't start using the rally flags until it was too late for instance, didn't really have a strategy. Gaarawaar's latest guide, RvR Drive City Sieges - The Guide will hopefully help with that. This guide is quite simply awesome, and as english gentleman you'll appreciate I don't use that word lightly. With a bit more experience of the Cities some truly amazing fights are in store for the future.

In other news, I accidentally bought 6 of the new RvR items Bewildering Relic of Vitality. They are unique-equip and have a decay timer of them of 14 days! I bought them accidentally because I had just scrolled in to the Guild Hall and my sound still hadn't come back up so I was clicking on the item from the merchant to buy it and expecting to hear the little "ching" noise to indicate the purchase. But there was no "ching" so I kept clicking until I had 6. D'oh! But thankfully I put a CSR appeal in to explain my mistake and next day all my Invader crests had been refunded. I was surprised by this, and grateful of course. Thanks for that Mythic, and thanks for the new City.


  1. The new cities have a LOT of strategic depth. I have been pretty impressed so far.

    It is also possible to make a comeback at any stage. Losing stage one and two does not automatically mean losing stage three, for example.

    I will say this, it is highly dependent on your Warband working together. While it is true that you can simply be overpowered by high RR and geared people, your level of organization is much more important than in scenarios or oRvR.

    Cheers, TzuDevil!

  2. Totally agree with that TzuDevil! While our warband did work together (on vent, following orders, etc) we didn't really have a strategy and were reacting to destro's movements rather than organising a defense and forcing them to react to us.