Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Blogging Again

I've been back playing WAR again now since mid December after (another) 6 month break. I've been meaninig to start blogging again for a while now but found it hard to get started, other than a random out-of-the blue bunch of suggestions for making Skaven more meaningful to WAR and RvR.

So I have decided to give myself some focus by listing what I have been thinking about and what I want to blog about.

  • Why I stopped playing back in June and why I am back
  • My experiences since returning
  • Power Gap
  • Keep Sieges - my likes and dislikes
  • WAR Stats: new analysis of WAR's numbers and the combat log.
  • WAR Stats: Anatomy of a Fight, an in-depth look at what happens during a fight.
  • Swordmaster Specs & Builds

That'll do me for now.

As a quick starter for ten, I am enjoying my time playing WAR. I totally get the concerns that are doing the rounds but right now I am enjoying my playtime a great deal. I cannot get enough of it. Lack of communication from Mythic is my biggest concern.

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