Monday, 5 December 2011

A Last Hurrah

I’m gonna be back playing WAR for a month or so, until the 9th Jan when my sub is up. My guild has decided to wind itself down with the vast majority of players including the leaders deciding to move to SWTOR. So for a few weeks there is to be something of a last hurrah with a few players like myself popping back on-line for a farewell Des bashing.

I have been increasingly tempted to get back into things anyway so this was all the incentive I needed. I will not be going to play SWTOR unless there is sufficent positive feedback about end game PvP so I may even stay in WAR after doomsday if there are still some people to play with, and against.

I had about 4hrs in game on Friday night. Was awesome fun, just the buzz I’ve been missing.


  1. Psst, pssst. Don't tell but I've resubbed as well.
    I'm keeping a low profile and logging at odd hours during the day because I'm not sure if I'm actually back.

    Boo things are still there and
    Yay things I've tried too often.

  2. I just joined...not really interested in SW:KOR tbh. Bought the RvR/Personality pack and a month. After seeing goodly activity, going to go full sub. Look for Magus Zophim in Badlands!