Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Yes, I am eagerly awaiting the July 6th news. I am checking all sources of WAR news for WAR news every few minutes.

It feels like Transfer Deadline Day for an Everton FC fan. UK football reference here, humour me :)

SkySports (1 hour before the deadline): "Yes, Argentine World Cup hero Juan Roman Riquelme has been spotted outside Goodison Park..."
(30 mins before deadline): "No, turned out it was the cleaner".

Latest snippet from Werit on Twitter is they are on their way for playtesting and presentations. Playtesting? I am sure they are not playtesting F2P, the no.1 speculation going around. And could they playtest a shakeup of the RvR campaign? Not sure how, unless they can go into a new or restyled zone or something. Maybe new keep siege interations? Ladders and stuff.

Course, they could playtest new careers but let's not go there.

Werit, Gaarawar, Mykiel and Eka are over there in the US, and Bootae and Zizlak on Skype (no.1 skype conversation EU). Maybe others???

Last time Bloggers were invited to Mythic they introduced the new City sieges and that turned out well, although a tad stale now. What will it be indeed? I can't help but get excited.


  1. Do I smell some excitement here? *sniffs* ;)

    1 1/2 hours to go..

  2. Everton fan? Say it ain't so! Lol

  3. 'Fraid so T. You're not a Liverpool fan are you?

  4. Certainly am mate. Don't worry, my brother is an Everton fan and we still talk. It's possible! :D

  5. lol you're a bluenose? I'm a red :P Do you live in Liverpool? I'm in Gateacre. :P I'm thinking of coming back to war and reading the blog roll to make my decision. Don't know what class to play though.

  6. Live in Manchester now mate. From near Chester originally. Plastic!!